Friday, June 27

Sour Cream Overload.....

I stocked up on Sour Cream right around Memorial use for a few dips to take to some picnics we were attending...and I have two left that are about to expire on July 2nd (Guess I over bought a bit , ya think?) !!! So....I need to use them before they go I did a little Sour Cream recipe searching. Look what I found...Yummy!!!

Chicken Nacho Bake...I will be making this I have all the ingredients for it already!!!

Sour Cream Topped-Cheese Cake.....I have had this before and it is delicious!!!

Banana Sour Cream Bread....I will be sure to make this one just for Banana Bread hos his ultimate fav!!!

Sour Cream Mashed Potatoes...I will be sure to try this one in the winter months...the sour cream would probably make the potatoes so moist and creamy!!

Man....and I narrowed the list down to 4...there are so many yummy looking recipes that use sour cream....I am amazed!! Maybe I should start looking online for recipes more often!!

Now it's your you have a great recipe that sour cream is a part of?? I'd love to know!

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