Saturday, June 21

It Happens...SunBurn..Ouch!!

It's happened to all of us one time or spend the day out in the sun having fun and you forgot to put on the sunblock before you headed outdoors!! When do you remember you forgot to lather it on?? That evening when you are sunburn and hurting, of course! Here are a few ways to help keep you comfy...sunburn and all.

*Take a Cool Shower....your body temperature is very hot from the sunburn, take a cool shower and cool your body down. This fells wonderful when you are sunburn..betcha you won't want to get out!!

* Take an Ibuprofen..this will help the inflammation go down.

*Drink lots of cold water to prevent dehydration!!

*Prevent Peeling... very gently rub a little Preparation H cream over the sunburn..this will also help take the swelling down.

*Aloe...have an aloe it up and spread it all over the sunburn. This will help ease the pain quickly. I can remember as a kid we had an aloe plant in the house just for this reason!! It really works well!!

* Cool Cucumber a kid I had a girlfriend's mother who swore by this method! She would just take a cucumber out of the fridge, slice it and then rub it over the sunburn area.

* Cover Up...if you must go out in the sun in the couple days after the sunburn, be sure to cover up!!! The worst thing you can do is expose the sunburn area to more sun!!

I am now a stickler with the sunblock on the kiddies!! Sunburn is painful...I have experienced it too many times to know that I do not want the kiddies to feel that terrible pain!!

Had a bad burn in the past? What did you find worked best to ease the pain?? Or did you use something that you will never use again for sunburn?

Here's hoping that you will not have to refer back to this!

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