Wednesday, June 25

Shoes Off!!

It's Works for Me Wednesday over at Rocks in My Dryer....What works for us?? Not wearing our shoes in the house!! I love a clean house...but the less dirt that comes in means the less dirt I have to get out!! LOL LOL

I have always taken my shoes off since I was just a was just they way it was growing up!! And let me just tell you how I thought my parents were crazy for implementing this "No Shoes In The House Thing!!" But, I got used to it...and looking back years later thought about how great of an idea it really was!! I guess I had to start cleaning my own home...before realizing the good out of it...LOL LOL

Then we had the kiddies...who each went through the crawling, picking up things from the floor, and putting them in their then hubby and I decided "The No Shoes In the House" would become part of our home too!!

We just keep our shoes for the season in the hall closet by the front door....and we rotate them out each season. We also have shoes for each one of us in the garage on the shoe shelf..and outside the back door too. This way whenever we need to step outside...we have shoes right there!!!

Little Man is so used to the "No Shoes in the House" that when we visit others homes....the first things he does upon entering is take his shoes off!! Oh and the 2nd thing is to remind me to take my shoes off as well!! LOL LOL


Tammy said...

Too bad all of us don't take up this idea like our counterparts in Japan. My brother is stationed there and now when he and his Japanese wife come to visit, he makes all kinds of comments about wearing shoes inside.

We leave ours at the back door too! :-)

Miss Mommy said...

My Little Guy has a Chinese friend and when we go over to visit for a party or BBQ....all the guests take their shoes off at the door!!

I think it is wonderful!!!

Matthew Celestine said...

Removing shoes at the door is an excellent thing to do.

I have an whole blog on this subject: Shoes Off at the Door, Please You might want to have a look.