Wednesday, June 25

The Latte Effect.....Is it Dwindling??

I read this very interesting article yesterday in our local Sunday paper......yes, I know it is I am a little behind on my reading......I need to get with it, I know!! It was a great article about the state of the economy and the way people are giving up the little things to save a bit of cash where ever and whenever they can. It even states that by skipping the $1.50 soda at lunch every weekday...can save you almost $400 a year!!! It just reminds us of how the small things really do add up over time!!

I especially liked the part of the article where the mother started making her own Lunchables for her kiddies using a cookie cutter and lunch meat & cheeses!!! WOW!! Great idea!!! I think Little Man would think I was mom of the year to actually have Lunchable-Wanna-Be's in the house!!!! I refuse to pay $4 for one...and they very seldom go on sale!!!

Actually at Target just the other day they had in the Dollar Spot section a Lightening McQueen Sandwich case....if I stuck the Wanna-Be-Lunchable slices in the McQueen case for outings...then I think I would be "Mom of the Year"!!! Not to mention how I could stick fruit shapes in as well!! Wow!! I cannot wait for a picnic at the park to give this great idea a try!!! I'm so excited!!

Have you tried making homemade Lunchables? Or is there something else you make homemade verses buying it pre-packaged and your kiddies love it?? We'd love to hear!!!

To read the whole article Click Here.

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