Wednesday, June 18

All Our Junk.....

I try to keep our junk to a minimum...but it happens, sometimes it piles up a bit. You know how it is you have not used an item for a while so you stash it in the rediscover it a year later. Well, then I guess I do not really need it, do I??? So I am cleaning out!!

My sister-in-law & mother-in-law are having a yard sale this they asked if I'd like to join in on the fun....LOL LOL Right up my alley, as you out my house of things we no longer use...and making a little cash too!! I love yard sales!!! LOL LOL

So yesterday I lugged everything out of the attic, cleaned out cabinets, peeked in drawers...and came up with a nice nice pile of stuff to sell! ( I would post a pic...but the mess in my garage is a bit embarrassing...LOL) Not to mention my sister loaded me up with several things before she took of last week. So I priced everything, sorted baby clothes by sizes, hung them on hangers, wrote measurements of curtains down, made sure everything works...etc. Took me 3 hours yesterday!! But...hey it's done, and with My Little Guy helping me write price tags....and Little Miss helping to take off the price tags and un-hang the was a good time!!!

So tomorrow I will call our local paper to place the ad....this is a must for a successful yard sale around us! A few signs will be made to hang up at the end of my sister-in-laws street and we will be ready to sell, sell, sell!!! Now, we just need to cross our fingers and hope for a rain-free day!! I'll be sure and let you know how I do!!

Have you recently had a very successful yard sale? Can you share any great tips you learned? I would love to know!

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