Tuesday, June 3

Be Sure to Check Your Reciepts!!!

I made a quick run into ShopRite yesterday to get a few things. I am a pretty organized shopper, as with the kiddies if I am not well prepared and organized before I enter the store...then I know the end result will not be pretty...LOL LOL

I find that is is nearly impossible to watch the cashier ring up all your items, scan all your coupons, make sure the kiddies are kept occupied, all in the midst of me bagging the groceries with the help of My Little Man as well. I am the first to admit I am not Super-Woman....LOL LOL So I found an easy way to make sure all of my items are scanned correctly, and all of my coupons were all taken off as well.

As soon as I leave the checkout lane, I pull the cart over to the side and count how many coupons were taken off....for example yesterday I had 13 coupons.....so what I do is write the # of coupons I plan to use on that days shopping trip on the circular circled....or you could also write it on your list if you use one. This way you will know for sure that all your coupons were taken off!!!

To check to make sure all my items rang up correctly, I put them on the conveyor belt in groups. Meaning if I bought 10 yogurts they all get put up together, 4 boxes if cereal..they get put up next to one another, etc. This way when I scan my receipt to make sure everything rang up correctly if everything is grouped together than I can clearly see if there was a $5.00 box of cereal mixed in with -3- $1.88 a box cereal due to me picking up the wrong sized box...I can notice it very quickly!!

I must admit....I am at the Customer Service desk at least twice a month, no doubt. Just yesterday in fact I had 2 coupons each for a Free cup of yogurt that printed out in my previous shopping trips. I always put any rain check or FREE items at the front of the line to make it easier for the cashier to find the price to enter in for the coupon amount. Sure enough the cashier entered in $.39...instead of the $.89 that it actaully cost. So off to the courtesy desk I went to get back my $1.00 back!!! Hey it looks much better in my wallet than theirs right???

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