Thursday, June 26

Cheap 4 The Summer.....

My Little Man loves to watch movies on occasion in the evening after Little Miss has gone to sleep for the night. As you know we love to rent movies from our local library...but during the summer.....the library DVD selections can be slim pickings. So last year when Blockbuster ran a summer kids movie rental special....both Little Man and I were excited!! As it is located right next to Shop Rite...and they also had a huge selection of movies to pick from!!

I am very happy to say....Blockbuster is at it again, this summer offering Camp WannaWatchaMovie!! Kids Movie Rentals are just $1.99 or less to rent...the promotion runs all summer long!! To find a participating store near you click here.


Angie said...

I agree with the library movie selection....haha. Yesterday was SLIM pickings.

Ever use the Redbox? I always get the kids a free movie if I'm at Albertson's. There is always a free code floating around.

Miss Mommy said...

Yes Angie...We heart Redbox too!! But Little Man is so used to be able to keep a movie for a whole week (Thnaks to the library), that when we end up getting him a movie from Redbox we never return it after just one night. LOL LOL

So when we are near Blockbuster...sometimes we will get a movie for him from there. Plus...all 3 places always have such a different selection of movies to choose from.