Friday, June 20

Look What $19.99 buys at Acme This Week!!!

I received my sale ad today and guess what....Acme is starting to add many more great deals to their circulars lately. Check this out....For just $19.99 you get 10 pounds of meat...!!! You read that right....The slae starts today and ends Thursday the 26th.

Here is how it works.....

-You pick any 5 packages of meat*..mix and match with the "Pick 5" label on it...and pay just $19.99...reguardless of the package price!!

-You must buy 5 packages to get the special pricing!

-Varieties will change daily due to availability.

-*You can mix and match from the following meats....Boneless Chicken Breast, Split Chicken Breasts, Ground Beef, Italian Sausage, Chuck Steak, Beef Shoulder Steak, Pork Sirloin Chops, Pork Country Ribs, Thrifty Pack Pork Chops, Banquet Frozen Chicken, Tastee Choice Frozen Seafood.

2 More Great Deals Worth noting this week as well...

-Hellmann's Mayo is just $2.33 for the 24-30 oz. container. Use your .50/2 coupon from the Redblum insert from back in May and Acme will triple it to $1.50 off. So you will get 2 containers of Mayo for just $3.16!! You must buy 2 for the deal...and this is part of a 4-Day sale running today to Monday June 23rd.

-Use the store coupon on the front page of the cicular and get 6 Coke 12-packs for just $11!!! You must buy 6 to get this great price!! Choose from Coke, Diet, Coke Zero, or Sprite. Coupon good until 6/26.

I will be heading to Acme this week for sure...Plus... a backyard BBQ may be in the near future as well with these great deals...LOL LOL

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