Wednesday, June 25

I Met A Reader.....

The kiddies and I were hanging out playing at the Park on Monday after the weekly program Monday Fundays had ended. I was catching Little Miss sliding down the slide and another "Mommy" walked up to me and said....."Are You The Thrifty Mommy?" Wow!!! I was kinda shocked!!! Almost felt "cool" for a minute...LOL LOL She introduced herself, and said she had read the blog when I posted about the park program a few weeks back....and came today to check it out.

It was a cool experience.....a first for me!! I always wonder who really reads the blog? If the tips, deals and fun things are helping others out as they do for our family! I really enjoy you all know I just love finding deals and fun things to do with the kiddies...and given the chance to pass it onto others is awesome!!

It was very nice meeting you Jen....(and the kiddies too!!) Thanks for stopping by and reading "The Thrifty Mommy" it so nice to have you!!!


Angie said...

Congrats!! :)

Meghan said...

You are famous chicky!!!!

Can I say I read your blog when? LOL

Miss Mommy said...

Thanks Girls!!

Niki said...

I gotta say, I think I live nearby after reading your blog for awhile now! Our kids seem to play at he same places and go to the same local events....I'll bet we've seen each other and never even knew.

It's a small world, even in the blogosphere.