Tuesday, June 24

Our Green Ways............

It's Tipster Tuesday at Be CentsAble....This week it is all about savings on that electricity bill!! So I thought I would join in on the fun and share some things our family does to save a bit! Here it goes......

-Change the Furnace Filter- Hubby change ours about once a month. It is amazing to see all the dust and dirt that piles up on the filter when the month is over!! Changing the filter is a great way to prolong the life of your heater.

-Turn the Lights Out- Whenever we leave a room....we try our best to remember to turn the light out....I am still working on hubby with this one...but Little man and I have it down!! LOL LOL

-Hang Dry Our Laundry- Yes, we are a clothes line hanging family!! Not only will this save you a little on your electricity bill....but will also keep your clothes from shrinking and looking less fading too!! I just toss the load in the dryer for just 10 minutes (gets the wrinkles out)then take them out and hang dry them on the line.

-Use Motion Lights Outdoors- These lights are great!! We have one out back and one out front...this way when we come home late at night the light automatically turns on for us to get into the house!! The one in the back is good for taking out the trash at night....I would hate to run into a raccoon in the trash can...AHH!!! You can set them for the amount of minutes you would like them to stay on. We love them!!

-Install A Dimmer Switch- The light in our Dining Room was so bright when we moved in...it was annoying, so hubby installed a dimmer switch. This not only reduces the bright light, but also saves electricity too!!

These are just some of the ways our family tries our best to keep the electricity bill down each month. Most are very simple, and very easy to do. In fact we are so used to them....it's just part of our routine now.

How does your family save a little green on your electricity bill??? Hey...our family could always be greener!! LOL LOL

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Anonymous said...

You may want to check on the light dimmer suggestions. My father told me that they do not save electricty. They actually use the same amount... when the light is dimmed, the switch is still pulling the power. That's why, the switch feels warm. I don't have verification of this, but my dad's pretty knowledgable about this kind of stuff. What a great blog. I will be checking in everyday!!!