Friday, June 20

Calling All KFC Fans.....

As I was driving in the car today......a few commercials came on the radio and one was for KFC. I must admit...I have not been to a KFC in years...not that I do not like KFC, there just really is not one right around the corner. So when I got home I decided to click onto their website and see if I could find some info about these new Lunch Meals they were talking about. I searched and searched with no luck.

I was now a tad bit more curious than before...since I could not find any info on it! So I decided to give them a call to find out some of the details. The service rep indicated that KFC is now offering Lunch Time Meal Deals from 11am-2pm starting at just $2.99. For $2.99 you can choose either a leg and thigh with a side and biscuit OR a breast with a side and biscuit. For just $1.49 more you can add another side item or a drink. She also stated that the $1.49 price may vary depending upon your location and what the current price of a side item costs at that store. She also stated that participating stores may only be offering these Lunch Deal Meals on Tuesday' other stores may offer them all week long. Best advice is call the nearest location you plan to visit to see if and when they are participating!! Personally......I think they should of been a bit less complicated on when they are offering the Lunch Meal Deals?? Wouldn't you agree??

KFC also offers coupons via email when you register click here to sign up!! They come in your inbox very quickly!!

If you go...let me know how you make out!!

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