Thursday, June 19

All For Lemonade & Cupcakes......

Little Man will be helping me with the Yard Sale on Saturday...and he wants to sell things to save his money for a new game....but the best part is that he told me "I do not have anything to sell, Mom!" To funny...LOL LOL

So later on in the day yesterday he comes to me and says I've got it......I can sell Lemonade!! will be his 1st Lemonade Stand!! I was pretty impressed he came up with such a great idea.....I have Curious George to "Thank" for that actually!!! LOL LOL I suggested we make some cupcakes to go along with the tasty Lemonade....and he thought that would be great!!

So off to Walmart we headed to get some Lemonade...and a some cake mixes!! While browsing I came across a few great buys!! Here are a few things worth noting.......

-The Betty Crocker Cake Mixes are $1.08 each...if you buy 2 and use the $1.00/2 coupon from Memorial Day weekend coupon insert...they come out to just 58 cents a box!!!

-Thanks to Wylie Mom...while I was there I remembered to use my $1/1 Huggies Clean Team coupon....I got a pack of flushable wipes for just 64 cents!! Man...I wish I had a few more this is the 1st time my local Walmart actually had some in-stock. Just a note....These are located in the Health & Beauty Department...not with Baby Gear in my local store!!

Then I headed to the boys department and found Little Man 3 shirts on Clearance for just $3.00 each!!! One has a regular price of $12.88!!! 2 of them will be for the winter...just perfect for Preschool...for $3.00 who cares if they get paint on them, right??

All in all a good trip!! Except for that they were all out of County Time Lemonade....I guess other little ones have nothing to sell at their Mom's Yard Sale this weekend either?? LOL LOL

*By the way only 1 cake mix is shown in the Little Man has the other box safe in his room while he takes a nap...LOL

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Angie said...

I was going to mention last time about the wipes.......they are stocked in BOTH places in my store. Although the Health & Beauty side is where I usually find them, the baby area is always out. Funny!