Friday, June 20

Kids Fun Pass.....

Are you a parent to young ones living in Delaware, Pennsylvania, or New Jersey? If so then read on........ I was leaving the library the other day and I always grab this complimentary magazine on the way out, it is called Curious Parents. It is a great little magazine about things to do, places to see, has some interesting articles, tips, and more.

Well last night I finally had a chance to glance through it. And guess what I found inside.....A Kids Fun Pass. What is that you ask?? A pass that gives you discounts and even some free visits to several places in our area. You can get discounts to The Children's Discovery Museum, The Crayola Factory, The Camden's Children Garden, Strasburg Railroad, All Fired up, just to name a few.
We are always looking for fun things to do as a family in the nice we will have to check out a few of these places....I know Little Man would love to check them out!!
The magazine I picked up today is the June looks like this:

If this would interest sure to get a copy July is just around the corner!!

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