Thursday, June 5

Free Starbucks Drink If You Have a Starbucks Card.....

I love Starbucks....I do not frequent it very much as I would like as it is a tad too expensive....and they are lacking a drive-thru!!! It just seems a bit inconsiderate for me to unload the kiddies out of the car to stand in line (the one by me is always packed) to get myself a cup of coffee. Just a bit too selfish I think. Now if they only they sold chocolate frosted donuts w/jimmies for the Little Man. Maybe I would go more there too would be an incentive for Little Man to tag along for the Starbucks trip as well!! LOL LOL

Do you love Starbucks?? Do you have a Starbucks card in your possesion as you are reading this? Well if so....then you are in luck!! Starbucks is currently offering a coupon for a FREE drink if you register your Starbucks Card here by July 14th. By registering your Card it will also be protected against loss or theft.

Oh and by the way...I do not currently have a Starbucks card in my wallet at this time.....Anyone have an extra?? For some reason free cups of coffee taste so good!! LOL LOL

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