Thursday, June 26

Giving Your Opinions....Alot of Fun!!

A few months ago I joined a Global Opinion panel called Synovate after seeing it online. Synovate is a Marketing Research firm in which you can let your your opinions be known on the way you feel about products and services you use. I signed's free...with an open mind to see what it was all about.

I receive about 1-2 surveys a week to answer online....the number varies week to week. They email the surveys to my email address or I can check my inbox on their site. Sometimes I do not always qualify for every survey they send my sometimes I do not use the product they want feedback this case the surveys only take about 3-5 minutes. If I do qualify the survey usually take about 15-20 minutes to complete.

I also had the chance to test 2 different types of products at home. I completed a short survey online to qualify and then they shipped the items/item to me in a few days. I had the to test the product in my home for a given amount of time (which they specified) and then give feedback about that product. On one survey I gave me opinions by phone, the other I just filled out a paper survey daily then mailed it back in a pre-paid envelope. Both products I have tested I have loved! They were a lot of fun to do!!

You do not get cash for your participation in the surveys. You get rewards points. Each survey has a different amount of points.....depending on the survey. And for the surveys you do not qualify for you get a few points to thank you, anyway. You just simply collect all the points you earn to put towards a gift card.

You will definitely not make fast cash with this program....but it is fun....I have only collected 1 $5 gift card in the several months I have been a member. But, it had been a great experience...and I will continue to do it...just for that simple reason...the gift card I received was just an added bonus for me!!

Have you tried Synovate?? Or maybe you have another survey site to recommend??


SkyLaur said...

I've done a bunch of surveys for

They are all online, and they send me maybe 2 per week, but I don't always qualify for them. I signed up around the same time that you did (we must have seen the same babycheapskate post) and I've made $8 (I think from 3 or 4 surveys). I haven't cashed in yet, but they just send you a check.

I don't like the online surveys as much as the ones where you actually go to the survey center. I've taken a few at Plaza Research in Marlton and most recently at Focus Point in Philly, I did a 2 hr. cell phone survey for $200! You can register on their site here:

They are a national company, but I don't know if they have a NJ location or not....

SkyLaur said...

the link to register at Plaza Research is