Thursday, June 5

My Improvising Turned Out Great!!!

Well, last night while making dinner my son asked if we could have Mac & Cheese as a side. I had already had the menu planned, and Mac & Cheese was not on it...but he asked so darn politely...I just could not say "No"! The small problem was that I did not have any Mac & Cheese on what to do?

I decided to give it a shot with what I had on hand. I got out the box of Elbow Macaroni and boiled them, drained them, and then transferred the Macaroni into a bowl and added a few pieces of sliced deli White American Cheese to the bowl. I mixed the cheese slices and macaroni for a few seconds until melted. Then put a spoonful on my Little Man's plate...and guess what he said "This new Mac & Cheese is great Mom!!" Hubby then took a taste, as did myself...and he was right on!! It did taste great! Plus, unlike the pre-package Mac & Cheese it did not taste like pure sodium!!

So my improvising which I thought may backfire...turned out very well!! In fact I think I may serve it again next it was so easy and very yummy!!

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