Wednesday, June 18

Reading Bug...Have Your Kiddies Caught It???

Today we took our weekly trip to the Library to get some new books and games. As we walked by the front desk they had an unrecognizable table set up in the Children's Area. Little Man was very curious to see what the line was all about leading up to the table so we walked over to check it out! One of the librarians filled us in all about The Summer Reading Program they feature.

This is how it works....Each participant is given a log to record the number of minutes that they read/or are read to per day...You then write in the number of minutes in the appropriate ant..for a prize at the end of each week. The number of minutes must be 15...and in 5 different days out of the seven day week.

Plus, you can collect bonus stickers when you attend library events...if you collect 4 of these you can get a prize as well!

Then if you complete the summer reading program for the 5 weeks the participants names are put in to a drawing for a chance to win a tote full of books!!

This program is for ages 4-12........but not to worry....Little Miss can participate in a similar program as they also offer a Lightning Bug program for all up to 47 months old too!

I think it is a great program....Little Man just loves to be read to.....he looks so very forward to eat each and every night! Now it will be even more fun for him to get prizes for something he really enjoys!!

Be sure to check out your local library for lots of FREE fun things to do all summer long!! Already checked it out? What does your local library offer?

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Angie said...

We just got back from the library too. Haha! We missed story time because of ballet summer school. Anywho.....this year is the 50th Anniversary of the Texas reading program. We log all the books we read and get: pencils, stickers, little toy, etc along the way and a book the end (big people get a mug). Only took us a week to "finish" the requirements but we'll keep loging our books until the end. It's just 10 books or 10 easy is that? I think it should be harder!