Thursday, June 19

Too Hot To Cook Easy Summer Recipe....

Well summer is here...Yeah!! And I am sure like's so stinkin' hot who really feels like cooking an elaborate meal for dinner?? Take-out always sounds good...but why not try and make a fast, quick, easy, yummy meal yourself!! Who really feels like eating heavy food at 99 degree temperatures?? Well, for the summer months through Labor Day every Thursday ...I am going to post a "Too Hot To Cook Recipe". Thanks to the new bloggers group I have joined SJ Bloggers for the topic.

Here you go....week # brings BBQ of our family favorites!! The best part is that each person can make their own kabob with whatever they like on it. That is how we do it to be sure the kiddies will eat them and enjoy them just as much as hubby and I!!


-1 lb. Boneless Chicken Breasts or Beef Cubes...or a little of both!
-1 can Pineapples
-1 large Red Onion
-1 Red or Green Pepper
-1 can of Pineapple Chunks
-1 Pint Grape Tomatoes

-Baby Red Potatoes
-Some BBQ Sauce

Simply take a Skewer and stick on alternating ingredients to form colorful kabobs. Make sure the pineapple is next to the it makes the meat tender while cooking!

Then with a brush spread some BBQ sauce all over the filled skewers...both sides (Sweet Baby Ray's is the Best!)

Place them on the grill for about 10-15 minutes on medium heat turning frequently. You can also smear on more BBQ while cooking if you like as well.

We love to eat Kabobs with an ear of corn or a Ceasar or Side Salad.


Do you have a quick, easy summer meal that you prepare for your family too in the hot summer months? I can never have too many meal ideas!!!


Meghan said...

Oh you did it!!!

Sadly, I didn't.
I was going to, then someone & I had a disagreement & he unplugged the monitor & I stormed to bed.

Good times!
Good times!

Love the recipe!

Miss Mommy said...

Hi Megs....Maybe we should get an icon or something for it??