Monday, June 30

A Yard Saling We Went....

Our local library had a community yard sale on with the nice sunny weather and all we decided to stop by to see what we could find. Little Man couldn't wait to get there. He had already taken a few dollars (in change) out of his piggy bank and was ready to see what new toy/toys he could give new home too. He already knows what yard sales are all about....when we had ours last weekend he learned the ropes...LOL LOL

There were probably about 40 or so people there with tables....I guess the rain in the early, early AM scared some sellers off. But Little Man made out he got 10 Hot Wheels cars for $1.00 and a New in the Package Ramone (From the movie Cars) for just $2.

We also found these great little kiddies plates and bowls for just 10 cents each!!! They are like brand new!!! Some of ours were reaching the 5 year old mark....starting to crack, fade, etc. so they needed replacing. And for 70 cents...who can beat that!!


Meghan said...

I never find deals like these.
And after my last yardsaling incident I doubt I will be back out to look for more stuff anytime soon.
Good haul on the cars!!

Miss Mommy said...

Actually I probably never would of seem the big O'l Box of cars...Little Man just has an eye for that kind of stuff....LOL LOL I think thta is the cheapest I've ever seen them!! Now if only he was into groceries that way...LOL