Monday, June 2

Our Visit to The Chipotle Mexican Grill....

It ended up raining here on Saturday afternoon so we decided to it was the perfect time to run a few errands that had been piling up. While we were out and about it was approaching dinner time (so perfectly planned, by me......wink, wink) we decided as a treat we would eat out. So into my purse I went to look for some restaurant coupons. I had then remembered I had received a coupons about a month ago for the Chipotle Mexican Grill. It is a new restaurant that just opened up by us just a few weeks ago.

We had never been to Chipotle before...although I did have their chips and guacamole at a recent Mommy and Me event in the local mall in which the Chipotle Restaurant is also located . Even though it was just chips and was the best I had ever had!!! So going in to the restaurant, I had a good feeling about it!!
We entered, it was very simple, clean set-up inside...... you walk up to the counter and place your order...then they make it right before your eyes!! They do not have a huge menu......but what they do offer is very tasty!! You can choose from Tacos, Burritos, and Bowls....with which you have your choice of steak, chicken, carnitas (pork), vegetarian, or barbacoa (beef). You then also can choose which toppings to include....they have a wide variety from home-made salsa to sour cream.

They prepared our food very a matter of minutes actually. You then proceed to the registers to pay. Everything offered on the menu is under $8.....heck they even have a bag of chips and salsa for just $1.35!! Great Deal!! We ordered chicken tacos, and barbacoa tacos, a bag of chips and salsa, and a beverage. We had a coupon for B1G1 item our total was just $9.12!!

We proceeded to the table to try it out. We were very impressed!!! The tacos were filled up to the brim with meat and toppings. You could tell the meat was freshly pre-pared, not it was very yummy!! You can actually see the employees grilling the meat on the grill behind the you know it is fresh!

The portions are very generous, I could not eat all three tacos myself.....but hubby took care of the last one for me without a problem!! And with the kiddies we were in-and-out in about 30 minutes...fully stuffed and satisfied....with money left in our pockets!! It was a great dining experience...and I know we will be back to Chipotle again real soon!!!

If you would like to find a location near you to try it out for here.

*Not to worry Little Man and Little Miss also ate....but I had packed Little Miss her dinner, and we had gotten Little Man a kids meal from inside the mall. *


Meghan said...

Is this in Moorestown Mall?
I must go here!!!
I looooooooooove Mexican!!!
I am all over this action!

Miss Mommy said...

Yes Meghan at the Moorestown Mall...Let me know what you think.