Friday, June 13

The Big 'Ol Box of Bills......

Ah yes, most people have a filing cabinet or a desk that they use to store all their paid bills, statements, store receipts, and other misc. paperwork. Not us....we have a Box.....Yes, just a regular old cardboard box that was sent to use with an item in it from who-knows-where that we recycled into it's current purpose.

Here is a picture of the Box....

It is pretty well category.....for example water & sewer, mortgage & tax bills, medical & prescriptions, cable, home & cell phone, etc. I use a binder clips to organize all the papers to keep them together in their place. Here is a picture of a few of them to give you an idea......
Now I am a bit Un-organized when it comes to store specific receipts (i.e. Walmart, Target, etc.).......I have a Big Brown Folder/Envelope that I just toss store receipts in. They are in no sort of order what-so-ever....I really need to find a better way....I guess I just dread the task. Hopefully I will get motivated to find a solution sooner than later. I do save almost all receipts...with the exception of a few that I do not feel I need to save. Yes, it may take me while to find a receipt I need for a return...but trust me I will eventually find it!!! Sometimes it seems like the folder is never-ending!! LOL LOL

I know my system may seem a bit that I am writing all this is even beginning to seem strange that this has worked for us for 3 years now!! But it I am sticking to it!! With the exception of the store receipts folder...that I must work on!!

How do you file/store all your bills and paperwork??? Do you have a filing cabinet? A desk? Maybe you have a crazy filing system like me?? I would love to know!!

Now....if you need me I am going to put my "Box" happily back on the attic steps where is belongs!!

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