Monday, June 16

Clearance, Clearance, Clearance......

Oh how I love thee.....We had to make a quick run to Target over the weekend, as I had a few returns I needed to make, and my receipts were about to expire. It was not our usual Target that we go I was curious to see if they had any good Clearance.

They had lots of women's clearance...pajamas, shirts, Capri's...most items just 30% off (not cheap enough for me...LOL LOL) But they did have a few racks of 50 and one rack of 75 off as well. It was the last department I stopped in and the kiddies were done shopping!! So I did not really have a chance to browse as much as I would of liked.

They had a few racks of baby boys clearance at 50% and 75% off...but, I have a baby girl!! They had a small 75 off rack for little I did get Little Miss a pair of Capri's for next summer for just $1.74!!! I then was off to the boys department for Little him a polo style shirt for 75 off for just $3.24! I also got a Men's polo shirt on Clearance for just $ was 75% off!! (not pictured) Not sure why it was on it was the only one and in the boys department. Rang up correctly so I was happy!!

I will be sure to go back in the next couple weeks as the summer items will soon be going 50 and 75 off!! The best time to shop for me!! LOL LOL
I heart Target Clearance!!

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