Wednesday, June 18

B1G1 1/2 Off!!!

As you know I am a new recent fan of Payless!! I purchased a few pair of shoes there a few weeks can read all about it here. I have been very happy with my Little Miss has been wearing the shoes I purchased for her for a little while now and they are holding up very well! Just let me tell you...she is rough on shoes...especially playing in the yard!! If there is a puddle to step in, or a berry to squash that has fallen from the tree...she will find it to splash or squash!! Just part of her exploring stage, I guess?

Anyway, Payless is once again through July 7th having a Buy 1 Get 1 1/2 Off sale!! They have a great selection online...and you can pick-up for free in-store....or if you spend $50, you qualify for Free Shipping to your home!! Another great perk of online shopping...Free Shipping plus shopping at home!!! Trust me the kiddies love it just as much as I do...LOL LOL

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