Monday, May 19

Payless....Have You Shopped There Lately???

I must admit.....I have not been inside a Payless shoe store in about 5 years. The last time I was in one I was rather disappointed with the selection and the prices seemed a tad steep for off-brand shoes!! So I have not ventured in a Payless store in quite a long time. Then about 3 weeks ago while at the hair salon I noticed how adorable my stylists shoes I asked he where she got them from. She said "Payless"..... WOW!! I was shocked...they were so adorable!!!

So then about 2 weeks ago I was online and decided to check out the Payless website. My daughter was in need a pair of summer sandals, and I could use a new pair of brown summer shoes as well. They were having their Buy One Get One 1/2 half promotion so I started browsing around to see what I could find. I noticed that they now seemed to carry brand named items as well as their own brands as well. They carry brands such as Champion, Airwalk, American Eagle, Dexter, and more. They were also running a special that if you spend $50 you can get free shipping to your home. (So of course I had to get the free shipping!!) LOL LOL Or you have the option of ordering online and then you can pick-up for Free in-store when your order arrives.

I decided to get a pair of sneakers for my daughter as well as pair of sandals. I also got 2 pair of casual slip-ons for myself for the summer. Shipping took about 7 days to arrive, and I was very pleased with the shoes...all of them!!! They are very comfortable, very affordable (with the sale and all), and very nice looking!! The first day my daughter wore her sneakers she got a did I twice with the one pair of my slip-ons!!!

I did notice that not all stores carry all the same the one pair of sandals I purchased for my daughter were a little too big. So I called around to my local Payless stores to see which store carried that exact sandal and had her size in stock. One of our local stores had them so I just made the exchange in-store very quickly. If none of my local stores had the sandal in the right size....I could of just returned the pair to any Payless store, and Payless would of sent me the correct ones from their warehouse via the mail.

Right now, Payless has a coupon out for $10 off a $50 purchase...and if you spend $50 you qualify for Free Shipping too!! Just use code 50001 at checkout!! Right now they have their Summer Preview Sale going on!!!

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Alice said...

I was impressed because I just bought a pair of shoes from Payless last month and I am completely satisfied with their quality and customer services.