Thursday, May 15

My Trip to Target....

I have had this coupon in my purse for about a month I decided to take a trip to Target yesterday to take advantage of it!! About a month ago in the Sunday coupon inserts was a coupon for $5 off a variety of products when you buy 5 of the items listed. It was a Target coupon so you can combine it with Manufacturer's coupons to save even more!!

This is what I purchased in order to use the coupon:

*1 Johnson & Johnson (9 oz.) Baby lotion $2.09
*2 Packs of StayFree ($2.84 each)
*2 packs of Character Band aids $1.97 each

I also purchased the following items since they were featured in a price drop:
*2 Kandoo Hand Soaps $1.99 each
*2 Kandoo Wipes $1.99 each
*4 Pampers Baby Wipes tubs $1.99 each
Total before coupons: $27.63

I used the following coupons:
-$5.00 off Target Coupon mentioned above
-2- $2.00 off any 2 Kandoo Products
-2- $2.00/any Pampers Products
-2-.50/1 Band aid Products
-1- $1.00/ any J&J product
-1- $2.00/2 StayFree products
Price I paid after coupons: $10.63!!!!

That was one great Target trip for me!! I must say!! I did notice that they had size 2 Target brand diapers mega packs on Clearance for just $5.68, they also had Luvs size 6 on Clearance, and well as a bunch of Feel N Learns too!! There was a whole end cap filled!!! In the dollar spot section they had a whole isle of 1/2 price items, and well as many grocery items on Clearance as well!!

They are remodeling our local not sure if that is why all the Clearance or what. But if you have to make a run to on the lookout for Clearance......

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