Thursday, May 29

Frozen Cocktail Buckets.....Perfect For Those Summer BBQ's

Ahh...Yes the warm weather is now upon us...and you know what that means....lots of summer BBQ's!! About 3 years ago I was at a summer BBQ and they had the best Apple Martini's I have ever tasted!! (Well the best out of the 3 I have ever tried, anyway...LOL LOL) So, to find the answer to my curiosity I asked how they made them. I was surprised to learn that they were made very easily using pre-made Cocktail Buckets made by Desert Pepper Trading Co. The great perks of the buckets are that all the ingredients are included except for the bottle of liquor. All you do is add the liquor (some take rum, vodka, etc.), some water and freeze. That's it!! Well, and maybe add a cherry for looks....and a straw for sipping...LOL LOL

So, a few weeks later when it was time for our annual backyard BBQ I headed to Linens N Things to check them out. They had about 10 different flavors to choose from and they were about $6.99 a bucket. Bed Bath & Beyond also carries them as well for about the same price.

Around the spring/summer holidays though the buckets go on sale. I just purchased 2 of them for just a little over $3 each. Remember you can use a 20% off coupon at either store you go too for even more savings!!


Unknown said...

I was happy to read this. I needed some quick advice. I am making one of these buckets (the mai tai) for company tomorrow. (have you tried the Mai Tai one yet?) Did you use the amount of alcohol specified? If I am doing my math right, I am supposed to add 3 cups of rum to this! sounds like a lot! If you can, please let me know what your experience has been.

Thanks so much!!

Miss Mommy said...

Hi LR.

Thanks so much for stopping by. I have never tried the Mai Tai one....At our next party we will be trying the Blue Hawaiian and the Hurricane buckets. Each of those buckets call for 750 ml of takes vodka, the other takes rum.

Hubby makes the buckets usually (as he is quite good at it!) and he said the 1st time we ever made one and used the full alcohol amount he remembers I said it was way too strong.... although I am a light weight, I must admit! So now he uses 3/4 of a bottle when making one bucket, and it seems perfect...not too strong.

He said though...when you freeze them after you make them...they do not fully freeze, they create a if you are hesitant about putting in to much alcohol, just put in 1/2 the amount it calls for then if it is not strong enough after you freeze it you can just add a little more in.

Hope that helps...Ohh and please let me know how it turns out!!!

Miss Mommy:-)