Thursday, April 24

9 Great Uses for Dryer Sheets.......

I must admit I need to find a few more uses for all the dryer sheets I stocked up on at ShopRite a while back. I am way overloaded!!! I already use them for a few things other than using them in the dyer, but I need to find a few more things I could do with them. Here are the things I already use them for......

1. Use them to wipe down mini blinds. I just close the blinds then wipe them down with the dryer sheet. This also helps to repel dust too!!
2. Put one or two in your dresser drawer...helps keep the items smelling fresh and clean!
3. Place a dyer sheet in your kitty liter box, this helps cut down on the odor in between liter box changes.
4. To keep odor under control, keep a dryer sheet at the bottom of your kitchen trash can.
5. Use a dryer sheet to wipe down your TV, it helps to eliminate static-electricity.
6. Have static cling? Use a dryer sheet to wipe down the inside on your pant legs...static cling no more!
7. Take a used dryer sheet and pick up lint off the top of your dryer after you empty the lint trap.
8. Use an already used dryer sheet on the bottom of your great to pick up dust
9. Use a used dryer sheet to wipe down the chrome faucet in your bathroom...look at how it shines now!

**Do you have other great uses for dryer sheets? I would love to add to my list!!!

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Meghan said...

I always throw a dryer sheet in luggage.
Don't ask why, just do!
That way any dirty clothes I bring home don't smell up the luggage.