Tuesday, April 15

Do You Have a Linens N Things Gift Card???

If so maybe now is the time to use it. I read a very sad yet very interesting article late last night stating that Linens N Things is is big financial trouble! They have already hired a re-structuring firm and are now weighing their options for the future. They are supposed to file for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Protection sometime today.
What does this mean if you have a LNT Gift Card?? This makes you an unsecured creditor in the eyes of a bankruptcy court.....meaning you are low man on the totem pole to receive your money back for that unused gift card. (So head out and use it up...hurry!!!!)

It really is so sad....they are a great store...I shopped their about once a month and was always so happy with their customer service, the sparkling clean stores, and the many great products. I hope they find a miracle, I hate to see them go under.

So, I will be at LNT today to use up my gift card....Hey maybe I will see you there???

To read the whole article click here.


Unknown said...

I spent my LNT gift cards in a panic yesterday in light of The Sharper Image incident. However, bankruptcy does not necessarily make gift cards void. There's more information about gift card bankruptcy on savvywallet.com

Miss Mommy said...

Thanks for the link Austin....I guess I just wanted to be sure I got to spend it....a little paranoid, I suppose??