Sunday, April 27

Potbelly...Mmmm You Must Give Them a Try!!!

They have recently added a new shopping center near our house about a year ago and new stores are still popping up as they are nearing the end of completing the project. It's kind of that we get to try a many new restaurants/eateries every month or so. About 2 weeks ago a new Eatery called Potbelly mailed us a coupon for Buy a Sandwich or Salad get 1 Free. Last night we decided to give them a try.

It was just hubby and eating as the kiddies had already eaten before we left home. Upon entering, we were greeted immediately and handed menus. We took a seat to look over the menus and got settled in our seats. The menu is very simple and includes soups, salads, sandwiches, chili, sweets, shakes, and drinks. It is very simple and to the point....

They make all their sandwiches made to order with your choice of toppings on a white or wheat roll which is warm to the touch. All sandwiches are are just $4.19. They are the perfect size just right for the average eater. They are full of nice thinly sliced meat, and cheeses, and topped with your favorite toppings. The salads are also made to order with dressing served on the side and Potbelly croutons for just $5.29 each. You have a choice of several salad dressings.

For the kiddies, the menu is a tad lacking in that department. They do offer a PB&J sandwich but that is about it unless your kiddies are into sandwiches. Of, course the kiddies will love the dessert they have homemade cookies, ice cream sandwiches, Root Beer floats, shakes, and smoothies. And man they looked so good!!

The sandwiches were great!! We were definitely impressed, and will for sure be back to visit real soon! Like the store associate said "The sandwiches are as good as Panera Bread...but a whole lot cheaper!" I'd have to agree with him 100%!

To find a Potbelly near you click here.


Meghan said...

Thanx for the tip!
Ya know, I am literally 5 minutes from there...I will have to give them a try!

Miss Mommy said...

It's Delicious!! Have you tried Peace of Pizza yet? They are good son loves it!