Tuesday, April 1

WOW...Look What 67 Cents Buys This Week!!!!

I know it is almost unheard of these day, right? But, this week there are a few goodies at Shop Rite for just 67 cents!!! They include the following items....

*Starkist Solid White Tune (3 oz pouch or 6 oz can)
*San Giorgio Pasta (1 pound box...Most varieties)
*Francesco Rinaldi Pasta Sauce 24 oz. jar
*Hunts Tomatoes (28 to 29 oz. can, Crushed, Sauce, or Whole Peeled)
*Spikes Santa Fe Salsa (16 oz. jar, ANY variety)
*Celeste Pizza for One (5.58 to 6.65 oz. box)
*Brown and Serve Sausage (6.4 to 7 oz. pkg.)
*Banquet Value Meals (6.75 to 12 oz. package....ANY variety

Man, all I have to say is we will be eating alot of Pasta and sauce real soon...LOL LOL Oh...and Tuna for lunches about once a week too!! I have a stockpile of Tuna coupons (1.00/2) that always seem to print out of the coupon machine just about every time I go to Shop Rite!! And just when a few are about to expire a nice sale to stock-up and save a bit more too!! So exciting!!

The sale is a 4-Day Sale and starts tomorrow (Wednesday). Happy Savings!!

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