Tuesday, April 15

Do You Use Online Coupons???

I was completely oblivious to online coupons codes up until my sister told me all about them a few years back....and to think back on all the money I could have saved!!! Darn! Now a days, I do not buy online without a coupon code or promo of some sort...unless it is an items that is significantly cheaper than anywhere else I can find, or I need that particular item ASAP.

Most online stores have a good amount of coupon codes out there because they want you to buy from them and feel like you are getting a great deal too!! There a quite a few sites out there that offer coupon codes for several different online stores.

Here are a few that I use.....

RetailMeNot- They have coupons code for more than 13,000 stores. The site is very easy to use...just type in the store you are looking to find a coupon for, enter it in the search box on the home page and if any coupons are available...they will pop right up. Most times several different coupons even pop up...so take a look at the one will save you the most!!!

Coupon Cabin- Right now they have over 3600 coupon codes & deals. This changes daily, of course. On this site you can search for coupons in the search box at the top of the page, or sort coupons by store or category. You can also sign up to receive Monday emails from them about the best coupons/deals they have going on currently (for free).

Coupon Code- They have great online deals for over a 1000 stores. This site is very user friendly...on the home page you can search for coupons, look through the Popular codes, Recent codes, Free shipping offers, and you can even compare product prices as well.

Naughty Codes- A great place to find secret discounts or coupon codes. Very simple to find codes here...just pick the store you are looking to find a code for in the drop down menu and up pops a new window with all the currents deals and codes.

Remember, all these sites are Free for customers looking for a codes/coupons!!

Just remember......
*Next time you go shopping online check for a promo code/coupon. Check at least 2 different coupon code websites to be sure you are getting the best deal.
*Also always remember to try and stack coupons....for instance at Kohl's they will allow you to use a free shipping code along with a % off coupon as well!! (It does not hurt to try!!)
*Make sure to check prices on the product you plan to buy at several different stores....maybe you can find it cheaper.

And most of all have fun shopping...and save a bit while you are at it!!!

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