Friday, April 25

Reduced Sections At The Grocery Store.....

This can be a great spot to check out usually located in the back of the store!! I never even knew they existed until my son started a new routine every time we visit ShopRite.....he now has to use the restrooms after the deli's like our new grocery store ritual! LOL LOL At our local ShopRite they have about 3 large metal carts across from the restrooms and they are filled to the brim on most of our weekly visits with lots and lots of grocery items. Sometimes they have discontinued items, sometimes dented boxed items, even post-holiday items too.

When I visited the other day I saw that they had ShopRite brand glass cleaner for just .60 a bottle. The bottles were a bit dented in at the top....but not a big deal! I can just pour them into one of the bottles I already have at home!! I am always using glass cleaner at home and on the car...and can never have enough of it!!! The kiddies just loves to smear the glass doors and table...LOL LOL
I also noticed they have a reduced bakery section at the bake of the dairy department as well. I have never purchased anything for there..but I see lots of people do. They have bagels, breads, cakes, and more. Hubby and I are sticklers for fresh bread and baked goods...LOL LOL

I did notice that you cannot use manufacturer's coupons on reduced items.....but most of the time the deals are so good, you are still saving a ton even without using a coupon!!

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