Friday, April 11

Printable Crafts for the Kiddies

My son is big into making crafts these days!! He just loves to make something so that when Daddy gets home he can show it off!! Plus, he loves to make crafts to put in his sisters room as well!!! If we are not heading out to the library for story time/crafts, or to playgroup, or to the mall for crafts, or out for the day, I always make sure I have a craft printed for that day. He knows now, if we have a home's craft day as well!!

I try to vary the crafts, some require gluing, some cutting, some a bit more involved that others, some tracing, and more. This way he is not board of the same thing everyday!! I also try to make them season and holiday appropriate as well!! Who has interest in making a Turkey craft in July???? lol lol

I have a few sites I visit regularly to get craft printables, ideas and more....I only use the FREE printables....or use ideas to make some of the more involved crafts I see. Maybe you have a preschooler that is just as interested in crafts as my son. These are a few of my favorites.....
Preschool Paper Crafts -say in the Paper Craft section for the free printable crafts, OR browse around and see what craft ideas you can get!
Preschool Activities and Crafts- The have a great selection and lots of variations too!!
Crafts for Preschoolers and Kindergarten -cute little simple projects!!
Preschool Crafts- Great crafts to make using things from home!!
Fun Toddler Activities- Lots of fun toddler Activities to make!!
That should keep your crafty toddler busy for a little while at least!!! Have a great site you use to get kiddie craft ideas?? I can always use more craft ideas for my little guy!!

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