Friday, April 11

This Weeks ShopRite Sales....

Not too many great deals this week....but a few items that caught my eye! ShopRite's big thing this week is advertising that they have LOTS of items at "Everyday Low Prices" a big portion of the ad this week are these items!! Watch out!! Remember just because it is in the ad does not automatically mean it is on sale!!!!! Look for the 1/2 price tags...and price plus savings amounts!!!

If you have a baby you are in luck this week. They have the following baby deals.....
-Huggies Jumbo Pack diapers $8.99 (you save $2.80)
-Earth's Best 1st foods (1/2 Price) 4 jars for $1 (must buy in quantities of 4)

***Remember...Shop Rite has baby bucks...and for every $75 you spend on baby items you get $10 back in the from of a baby bucks certificate good off of any purchase of $50 or more!!***

They also have the following grocery deals.....
-Panasonic Batteries (1/2 Price) $2.89 (10ct. package of AA or AAA, 4ct. C or D, or 2 ct. 9V)
-Shop Rite Vitamins......1/2 Price
-Soft Paw Cat Litter 1/2 Price at $1.34 (20 lb. bag)
-Sargento Shredds Any Variety (5 to 8oz. pkg.) $1.59 (1/2 Price)
-Shop Rite Grape Juice 1/2 gallon bottle White or Purple $1.69 (1/2 Price)
-Super Pretzel 6to 13 oz. box $1.69 (1/2 Price)
-Celentano Pasta & Entrees Any Variety is 1/2 Price (excluding organic)

Meat Deals......
-Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts (1/2 Price) $1.99 lb. 4to 5.5 lb. packages)
-Boneless Pork Chops $1.99 lb (1/2 Price) (3lbs. or more)
-Glen Rock Virginia Ham (Deli Dept.) 2.99 lb (1/2 Price)

This sale starts on Sunday April 13th.

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