Wednesday, April 30

A Few Things To Do With CD Discs....

We somehow accumulated a ton of Cd's over the years and now I am trying to find ways to use the up...if you know what I mean!! My son is a huge arts n crafts man...Here are a few crafty ways to give them a new purpose in life!

-Use them to make son loves to make arts n crafts, and when he needs to make a circle traces a Cd to get a perfect one.

-Make a Elephant craft out of a here for Template

-Have your little one paint one and use it as a drink coaster- Just cut out a piece of Non-slip grip and glue it on the back of the disc to prevent sliding.

-Wax Collector- Place a small candle on it and light it...the wax will burn and land on the CD.

-Make a Sun or Cloud Craft from the CD. Click here for directions and picture.

-Make a Magnet- Have you little one paint the front, put stickers on it, decorate it with buttons, etc. then glue a magnet on the back and display on your fridge!

-Make a Christmas Ornament out of it.....Add a picture of your little one after they decorate it and a string for hanging from the tree.

Can you think of another cool use for an old CD??

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