Sunday, April 20

Do You Use a Liquid Foam Soap Dispenser???

Do you go threw a lot of hand soap?? My little guy just love to make sure his hands are super clean so he washes frequently (which I encourage). He tells me he only uses one sqwirt...but I think he is forgetting about the ones after the lol It's okay.....much rather him have clean hands than dirty ones, right? Needless to say...we use a lot of hand soap!

My hubby's co-worker had given my son a few Softsoap Bubble Gum flavor Foam Soap Dispensers that her kids did not like. My son loved them...he thought it was so cool for soap to come out like foam!! This was his first they do not go on sale very lol So when the last foam dispenser was all out...I headed to the recycling bin in the backyard to toss it in. My son gave me such a sad look. He wanted to keep that soap...he really liked it.

A few days later I was at the store and was checking out the foam hand soap prices and I was shocked. Of, course he did not want the ShopRite brand...he liked the Bubble gum one. Naturally is was $1.00 more....and I had not one coupon for it!! I decided to see if I could just refill it???

All I did was add 3 tablespoons of liquid soap to the empty bottle and fill it up with cold or warm water. Walla!!! Now you have a soap refill that just cost you pennies to make. Not to mention one happy, happy hand washing boy!!!

Do you have any frugal tips you'd like to share?? I'd love to hear!!

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