Wednesday, April 30

Need Kitty Litter???

I was doing my weekly shopping at ShopRite yesterday and I found a great deal on kitty liter. This week threw Saturday they have all Tidy Cats Kitty litter on sale for 20% off. The smallest bag they sell (at my store,anyway) is a 10 lb. bag. With the 20% savings, the price is $1.75. If you use the $1.00 off manufacturer coupon from this past Sunday's coupon insert you will get the bag for just 75 cents!!! A great price for brand named litter!!

I personally like to use Tidy Cats litter for our kitty. It clumps when wet, has odor crystals to help keep the smell down between changes, and the pieces are not too small like other brands I have tried...this helps to cut down on tracking litter everywhere.


Anonymous said...

I have a quick question for you...i only get the courier, and don't seem to get the same coupons as you mention in your you also get the inquirer? if so, what day do the coupon inserts come, Sunday?
Thanks! I love all the info on your blog!!

Miss Mommy said...

Hi Anon.

Yes, I do receive both the Courier and the Philly Inquirer...I just cannot help myself when it come to the more coupons the better...LOL LOL

The Inquirer coupons are way better.....usually the coupon packets are double the size of the Courier's coupons!! Plus, whenever there is a freebie coupon the Inquirer always seems to have it...another plus!!

We like to read the Courier as it has local news...but we get the Inqurier on Sundays only just for the coupon inserts. Oh and the coupons actually come delivered on Saturday and the paper comes on Sunday...

Hope that helps...and thanks for the comment!!

Miss Mommy :-)