Sunday, April 13

Have A Stain on your Shirt??

Well, as a mom of 2 kiddies...we have our share of me!!! Here are just a few tips to help make stain fighting just a bit easier.......

-Check Labels- read label before you start!

-Have On Hand: Make sure to stock up on Pre-treating supplies when on sale to have them on hand when need be!!

-Act Fast- Try to pretreat as soon as the stain occurs..this way you have a better chance of it not setting.

-Pretreat.....It is best to try to totally get rid of a stain before washing it!! (Man, Spray N Wash, Shout, and my cleaning toothbrush work miracles around here!!)

-Be Persistant- you may have to do more than one treatment to get the stain out!!

-Be Prepared When Out- Always carry a Stain Stick when on the go or a Stain wipe...I know my diaper bag always has one!! And it has for sure came in handy more than once!!!

-Do not dry until stain is completely gone, or you will set the stain for life.

Happy stain-free laundry!!!
Have any more tips to share? We'd love to hear.

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