Thursday, April 17

ShopRite Sales Preview Starting Sunday.....

It's time to look ahead into next week sale at ShopRite...Here are a few of the highlights to stop in for....

-Klondike Ice Cream Bars (4to 6 count) $1.99 (Save $1.70)
-Froz Fruit Bars 6ct. box $1.99 (1/2 price)
-McCain Premium Potatoes $1.94 (1/2 price)
-Picksweet Veggies 11 to 16 oz. package $1.49 (1/2 price)
-Serviroli Pasta ......1/2 price (13 to 16 oz. package, excludes 4 Cheese)

-Top Round London Broil $1.99 a lb. (1/2 price)
-John Morrell Franks (1 lb. package) $.99 (1/2 price)
-ShopRite Imported Ham (from the Deli) $3.99 (1/2 price)
-40% off Tyson Fresh Poultry (excluding roasted and frozen)

Health and Beauty Aids
-Ban Invisible Deodorant $1.24 (1/2 price)*
-ShopRite 24 oz. Body Wash $1.99 (1/2 price)

-Marcal 12-Pack Paper Towels $5.99 (1/2 price)
-Wisk Laundry Detergent 80oz. bottle $3.33 (1/2 price)
-Marcal Napkins 250ct. $1.39 (1/2 price)
-Marcal Facial Tissues 3-ct. Package 240 sheets ct. package $1.49 (1/2 price)
-ShopRite Glass cleaner $1.19.....33oz. bottle (1/2 price)

-Wise Popcorn or Cheese Doodles 7.25 to 10 oz. bag $1.34 (1/2 price)
-Lays Potato Chips 11.5 to 13 oz bag, any variety (excluding baked and light)$1.74 (1/2 price)

-ShopRite White or Purple Grape Juice 1/2 gallon bottle $1.69 (1/2 price)

-Dole Salads......1/2 Price
-Yellow Onions 3lb. bag $.99 each (1/2 price)

See anymore great deals next week at ShopRite??? Let me know if I missed any!! Sale starts Sunday April 20th.

*Denotes coupons for item in this coming Sunday's Paper.

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