Wednesday, April 16

My Linens N Things Trip.....

Well I headed out to LNT yesterday afternoon to use up my Gift Cards and made out pretty good. The place was pretty busy...I noticed a few other people in line with gift cards in hand as well....maybe I am not the only nervous one?? lol lol

They usually have a huge Clearance section in the store near me, but when I went in today....there was no Clearance section at all. Just a few (and I mean few) racks here and there throughout the store with a few clearance items .That was it. Not too good for me...the big Clearance shopper that I am!!! lol lol

I decided to head to the kitchen section to check it out....I could use a new pair of stainless steel tongs, and a new pizza cutter too. I looked at both and of course, the tongs I like were $16.99 and the Pizza cutter was $13.99. I need them but not that lol

So I moved on to the bath section and they had bath towels on sale 2 for $10 (reg. 7.99 each) So I purchased 4 for $20. You must buy in increments of 2 to get this price.

Transaction Breakdown:
-4- Bath Towels $20
minus $5 Bed Bath & Beyond Coupon (they take Competitor's coupons)
minus $10 Gift Card
= $6.03 out of pocket!!!!

Not too shabby for 4 nice, new bath towels that we will get great use out of!!

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