Sunday, April 6

Need Good Baby Girl Socks???

It was about 8 weeks ago.....and one morning I went to dress my daughter and it seemed like her feet had literally grown overnight. Her socks barely fit...the heel part of the sock was in the middle of her foot...AHH!!! It was just a few days before my daughter's birthday and my girlfriend had called that day and asked what my daughter needed. I quickly replied socks....she really needs socks!! I could not wait of course a few I went to Walmart and bought a pack of baby Hanes socks with a coupon for a little under $5. She needed something to hold her over until the birthday party.

I am not really a huge Hanes fan for the kiddies socks. My son only likes black socks and I found a brand at Target he really likes and I have always just stuck to it!! Don't get me wrong I do buy Hanes items in other products, just not in kiddies socks.

Well, the party came and she received about 4 packs of socks amongst other things for her birthday. They were 6-packs of Circo Brand Bobbie and Low Cut socks from Target. I was thrilled...LOL LOL

She has been wearing the Circo socks now for about 6 weeks. And they are just great!! They wash very well, in fact they still look new!! The have no piling, show no signs of fading, and are not at all stretched out either. They come in an array of color which is also great to be able to wear with many outfits. I am very pleased with the socks.

The Hanes socks...I am not so thrilled by. They are about 8 weeks old, and look like about 6 months old. They have piling...quite a bit of it in fact. They shrunk a tad too....they are now a little smaller than the Circo socks and she will definitely outgrow the Hanes way before the Circo socks. She still does wear them...but just around the house really. I knew there was a reason I steered clear of the Hanes kiddie socks and I was just reminded of that after having these socks a few weeks.

If you are in the market for baby girl socks...Target has the Circo Brand socks (6-packs) on sale this week for just $3. You can choose from either Bobbie socks, or Low Cut..and they have a variety of colors to choose from too. They range from size 6-24 months and 2T-5T. You can see them here. They are on page 11 of the circular.

Have a brand of socks you are happy with...I'd love to know!!

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