Thursday, April 10

Babies Onsies Getting Snug??

Well, a friend of the family had a baby boy a few months ago...he was over 11 lbs at birth. Well, she had received tons, and tons, and TONS of newborn sized clothing, onsies, and more that was not going to get used at all. He was too big for them at lol So, instead of letting everything go to waste, she got creative and decided that she was going to make at least the onsies last a bit longer. She decided to cut the bottom part of the onsie off to make it into a little T-shirt instead. It was not that the onsies was tight all around...just too short to snap the buttons between the legs. If you do not like the uneven cut you make (if yours is even uneven?), you could even just make a small hem and stitch across the bottom for a cleaner look.

I have not tried this myself, but I think it is a great idea!!! A great way to make onsies last just a bit longer..or in her case make use of them period!!

Have any baby-related great tips to share?? I would love to hear them!!


Meghan said...

Wish I had thought of this when Mr. Man was born.
He weighed in at 11 pounds, 1 ounce. He was too big for a lot!

Great tip!

Miss Mommy said...

Meghan...Now you know for the next one...