Tuesday, April 8

Vacationing Soon??

About to head on a family vacation in the next few months? If you have kiddies, you already know just how busy you have to stay to keep the kiddies having a good time. Well, sometimes that can be a bit expensive. Those $8 trips for ice cream, $10 for a day on the beach, $6 for the arcade....etc. can start to add up real fast. Now, don't get me wrong.....I am all for having the best family vacation possible, trust me. But, if there was a way to mix-in a few freebie activities...hey, all the more fun things to do right!!

Well, Free Attractions has done all the work for you to find some free fun to do when vacationing. This is for anywhere in the US and it is very simple to use. Just put in the state you will be visiting and you will see all the free things to do. It includes Free Museums, Free Parks, Free Concerts, Free Parades, Free Festivals, and Free Zoos. Something for everyone really.

Hey, you may even want to check the state/city you live in and see what free fun things are right in your own backyard. Happy Free Fun-Finding!!

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