Monday, April 21

Have Lots of Weeds???

Well, it was just a lovely weekend...we spent a lot of time outside in the yard. We were busy planting, mowing, trimming, and of course tackling the weeds too. We have rocks in one part of our backyard that seems to just get overcome with weeds in the early spring. I am not big into spraying weed killer as my kiddies are outside playing everyday now that weather is so nice.

I do hand pick weeds sometimes (thanks to my handy weed-picker), but time does not always permit for lol Here is a great recipe for homemade weed killer and cheap to make too!!

Just put 1 cup of salt, 1 tbsp liquid dish soap and one gallon of vinegar in a large pot. Let it heat up until the salt has completely dissolved then transfer to a spray bottle and go kill those weeds!

***Just remember that this will kill anything it touches (in regards to vegetation) !!! It is great to use on areas like driveways, on rock areas, or where weeds grow that you want no weeds or grass at all!!!***

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