Monday, April 21

Moon Sand......My 2 Cents!

Moon Sand...Have you heard of it? If you have a little guy or girl around age 4....I am sure you have! It is sort of like Play-Doh, but different. It's sorta like sand but thicker...Does that even make sense?? Well, it stinks!! That is a way easier way to explain it!!

My little guy received it for Christmas this past year, a little Moon Sand Farm Play Set. Looked kinda cool from the box. But, from my experience with Play-Doh I knew Moon Sand would be an outside toy as well! So we finally broke it out this weekend. It was nice enough out...and my little guy had been waiting long enough, don't you think?

So, we took everything out of the box, it came with Moon Sand, a truck, a play mat, a few cut-outs, and a tool. The first thing I noticed was the play mat was way too small!! Not a big deal, I just took out a plastic table cloth for him to use. The sand itself was also very hard to mold would pack it all in the mold to try to take it out and it would just fall apart. Kid of aggravating for a little one! He played with it for a bit, then got board...there is not nearly enough tools, or he got board in about 20 minutes, with Play-Doh he keeps busy for about an hour or so if he plays by himself.

Then it was clean-up time. The fun part of the whole Moon Sand experience!! lol lol It was everywhere...on the ground, stuck in the truck, all over him...a Moon Sand mess, really!! So we salvaged what we could of the leftover Moon Sand....whatever was on the ground you could not it sticks to the concrete and very hard to get up! They also should of given you containers to place the Moon Sand in(for the little bit we salvaged) so it stays fresh for next time we Moon Sand again.

It was definitely an experience...for the both of us. All I have to say is....... he did not have nearly as much fun as they do on the TV commercial I saw!! Maybe he needed a few more containers of Moon Sand, a few friends to mold with , and perhaps a few more tools and molds??

I think we will just stick to Play-Doh!!

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