Sunday, April 20

Time For the Paint Sales......

As the nice weather in now upon us it is time for the Paint Sales to begin. I know we are going to be purchasing a gallon or two of Exterior to re-paint our shed next looks very un-pretty right now.

Right now, Lowes is offering mail-in-rebates on Olympic Premium Interior and Exterior Paints starting today April 20th until April 27th. The Olympic Premium Exterior is regularly $18.98 a gallon, and Interior is $16.92 a gallon. Both paints have a 25-year warranty too. Or if you need more than a gallon...they are also offering a $20 rebate off a 5-gallon bucket.

I have done Lowes Rebates in the past and have very good luck in receiving them back in a timely manner. So, I will be sending them in for sure. Plus, I love to get the rebate in the mail a few weeks later that I often forgot about!!! They usually have the reabte forms at the paint desk.

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