Monday, April 7

Did You Know About CVS Monthly Deals??

I have been shopping at CVS for quite a while now...and have gotten lots of great deals along the way. But I just found out about CVS's Monthly Deals....thanks to Be Thrifty Like Us!! CVS actually puts out a monthly book with lots of different monthy deals, Extra Bucks offers, and sales!! As I went to my local CVS the other day...I happened to look where they keep the weekly circulars and noticed the monthly book right next to them. WOW!! Talk about blind, right?? I guess since I usually go into CVS with the circular from home I never even really look at the circular stand!! But, now I will start to look right at the beginning of each month, for sure!!

To see the best deals for here. A few of the deals are even broken down for you!!

Better hurry, though as I was in CVS the other day and they had the March deals paper, and they did not have the FREE after Extra Bucks items any I have heard they go fast, real fast!!!

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