Saturday, April 12

Gardening Time is Here!!!

Yeah!! I am totally so excited!!! I just love to garden....planting flowers, seeing the pretty flowers bloom, spending time outside, it means the warm weather is here!! (I really do enjoy the simple things!) Well, last night my mom (whom I learned all my gardening skills, thanks mom)came over and gave me a hand splitting & transplanting some liarope (a border perennial). They were too big for the spot I had them in and needed to be split. We spent about 2 hours out there...trimming them, splitting them, re-planting them, and making them look great!!

My son was a huge helper, as always when playing in the lol He is definitely all boy in the dirt department!! He was helping us dig the holes and enjoyed just plain old being a boy in dirt, really. He just loves it when it is time for me to start gardening...and I love it to! We get a lot of gardening bonding time together. Plus, he is so proud of his hard work when we are finished too!! A sense of accomplishment for the both of us!!!

Well, after splitting the plants and replanting a few in a few different spots...we realized we were going to have alot left over. What to do with them was the next problem, as I would hate to see them thrown away. They really are a great plant to have and see bloom. So, I headed over to my neighbor's house and offered some to her...she was so delighted!!! And excited too!! I have a few more left that she could not I will offer them to my other neighbor, and if she declines will list them on freecycle.

I remember last year received about 6 hostas plants from a lady who just said they were overcrowding her yard in one spot. I was so excited...I had the perfect spot for them right beside our pond out back. They were 3 different varieties as variety I had never even seen before! And guess what, they are just starting to sprout up again....I noticed them poking threw the soil today. Can't wait to enjoy seeing them again all summer! They were so pretty!!

Do you need a few plants for your yard?? Well before you run out to Home Depot, or Lowe's or the nursery.....check Freecycle, or ask your neighbors..(we are always swapping plants between us), or even try Craislist. You never know what someone no longer has a use for that you would love to give a home too!!

Do you have a great swapped plant or bush in your yard?? Is there a great story about how you got it? I would love to hear......


Niki Jolene said...

Well I have never swapped any plants with any of my neighbors, but every year we are the lucky recipients of annual flowers from my father.

He lives in a small town and shops for his plants at a large farm that sells HUGE flats for cheap! He is always left with way too many flowers and kindly sends them my way. We're always happy about that!


Miss Mommy said...

That's awesome....doesn't it just make your day when you receive them!!