Thursday, April 3

A Shopping Nice Trip.....

So I decided to head out to the Babies R US yesterday. I had received a coupon in the mail last week from them for 25% off any ONE item. I also had a coupon for $5/25 purchase too. You can print that one Here. So I packed up the kiddies and I was off.

I was on the hunt for a few pairs of shorts for my daughter, maybe a pair of summer sneakers and whatever else I could find on sale or clearance!! I ended up finding a pair of Carter's pajamas on Clearance for $6.70...down from $12.99. I also found a whole wall of Koala Baby summer shirts, tank, shorts, skirts, and leggings on sale 2 items for $8 (Regularly price $5.99 each). You Must Buy 2 to get this price! You can mix and match any items on the wall though and in any increment of two's. About 25-30 different items to choose from. And most items are so darn cute!! I ended up with 2 cute tanks and 2 pair of denim shorts. I liked more than I bought...but they did not have her size in most items...darn!! My son was also in the shopping mood...and decided he really liked this pair of Jelly material summer sandals for his baby sister. He was so cute about could I say no?? They were $5.99

So my total before my coupons was $28.69. Minus the $5.00 off coupon and the 25% off one item new total was just $22.01. On my receipt says I saved $14.64 between the coupons and sale prices. Yippee!! Plus, I had a gift card for $25 so I did not even have to pay anything out of pocket!!!

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