Thursday, May 1

Baby Lotion...Is Name Brand Better????

I am a very big stockpiler......When something that we regularly use goes on sale or clearance I always stock up ! Well, I suppose I had been slacking a bit in the baby lotion category.....either that or we have just been using a bit more than in the past....(like how I am trying to not admit to my lack of stockpiling???)

So about a month ago I had noticed that we were getting a tad low on baby lotion, so while at Walmart I picked up a bottle of Parents Choice with soothing aromas lotion (Bottle says Compare to Johnson's Bedtime Lotion). It was a 20 oz bottle for about $1.88. I a huge fan of Johnson & Johnson Bedtime lotion.....but to save a little over a $1.00 and for a few extra ounces I opted to give the PC lotion a try.

Well.....being a cheapskate usually works to my advantage in most instances...this time it backfired on me!!! The lotion had a different smell to it...not like the usual lotion we use, plus it was so very, very greasy!!! It was almost like baby oil lotion...the kind you use when you have a newborn to prevent cradle cap. I would lotion up the kiddies and they would be so little Miss's hair would like I had not bathed her in a few days!!!! LOL LOL Needless to say we used just 1/4 of the bottle and it is now heading for the trash!! I can not even bring myself to give it away......That's just how bad it is!!

So I learned a good lesson...yes, it cost me a loss of $1.88.....but guess what, I will never, never forget to stockpile baby lotion ever again!!!!!


angie said...

You discovered Parent's Choice too late. They have changed the formula. It used to have chamomile & lavender in it. Now it says soothing aromas. I bought the new without even looking at the bottle and when I used it I noticed immediately this was not the old Parent's Choice lotion I had been using for 2 years now. I'll have to switch to something else because I love sniffing my son while holding him and I will miss that wonderful will his daycare teachers(they've always commented on how he smells).

Miss Mommy said...

Ohh..makes perfect sense Angie. My friend could of sworn that she had purchased it in the past and could not remember the oily part of it that I had explained!!! Thanks for clearing that up!!!